Deep Tissue Massage

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Deep Tissue massage promotes healing for injured or compromised muscle tissue, range of motion issues, and flexibility in general. Massage improves vital circulation of blood and lymph within our bodies. As a Medical Massage Practitioner I have learned methods to help release the contracted tissue and promote flexibility and movement that enhances healing. 

Deep tissue work can be used in combination with many other modalities. If one body part is affected, so it goes that another will also be influenced by the way one moves their body or how their gait is affected. Deep tissue massage helps in many ways. 

The following list highlights just a few benefits 

Relieve Sore Muscles - Specific work on areas of discomfort release the tension in the muscle and allow the body to do what it does naturally, heal itself on its own schedule. 

Encourage Muscle Repair - Many athletes and victims of bodily injury come to A Healing Place Massage Therapy for deep tissue massage because it can actually help your muscles recover faster. 

Release Stubborn Muscle Contractions - Perhaps you work at a computer or desk all day, or maybe you are not exercising enough. Your sleep patterns may not be giving you enough time to rest. I want you to know that I can help with my bodywork. I will encourage you to give your body what it needs by teaching you self help skills to prolong the benefits of massage.  

You do not have to live in pain! Make an appointment today at A Healing Place Massage Therapy and start the road to well being.

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